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KEEPSAKE DRAGON (approx 10 1/2 inches tall not including tail)   Your keepsake dragon will be made from the precious clothing that you will send to me if using babygros vests etc I will need 4-5 items to make a dragon do not send more than 1 extra items  Price includes personalisation of usually birth details on a tag that will hang around the neck (only if required) Each dragon  is handmade to order for each and every customer and made with lots of love care and attention to detail. You order your keepsake dragon and pay. Once I see your order I will contact you to tell you where to post the clothing toOnce the clothing is received it will be made then posted back once made. TUTUS CAN BE ADDED BUT YOU NEED TO SEND AN OUTFIT WITH A TUTU ON FOR ME TO USE  THESE KEEPSAKES ARE NOT MADE AS TOYS AS I AM UNABLE TO HAVE THEM CE TESTED DUE TO BEING MADE FROM YOUR CLOTHING DO NOT GIVE TO A CHILD TO PLAY WITH THEY ARE MEANT TO BE ADMIRED AND FOREVER MEMORIESI POST BACK SPECIAL DELIVERY TO KEEP YOUR PRECIOUS KEEPSAKE SAFE